L型全自動包裝機 LA-700
 ※ 商品編(型)號:LA-700
 ※ 產品規格:適用於各類產品收縮包裝,適用於OPP、PP、PE、POF等塑膠收縮包裝材料

 型        號    MODEL  LA-700
 封 口 尺 寸   TUNNEL DIMENSION  510 X 640 mm
 包 裝 能 力   PACKING CAPACITY  20 pcs
 包裝物高度  MAXIMUM PRODUCT HEIGHT  10 - 100 mm
 電         源   POWER SOURCE  1Ø220V 50/60 HZ
                    ( L X W X H mm)
 2100 X 1000 X 1580 mm




  • 適用於各類產品收縮包裝,適用於OPPPPPEPOF等塑膠收縮包裝材料。
  • 封口時,無煙產生,淨化工作環境。
  • 立即包裝,將包裝物品放置輸送帶上,即能輕易的進行包裝。
  • 電眼控制裝置,可做垂直與水平的選擇,依物品大小厚薄而決定。
  • 節省人工成本,一人操作即可,將物品放置輸送帶上,就能輕易的進行包裝。
  • 節省電源及縮短包裝工時。
  • 操作簡單,保養容易。
  • 歡迎訂製特殊規格、多用途包裝機。
  • Best for individual or integrated packing, using heat sealable center folded film, OPPPPPEPOF etc.,PRO-TECH L-Sealer are best for packing boxes of a variety  of products.
  • NO fumes and smoke during seal cut Perfect sealing can now be accomplished in a comfortable,clean environment.
  • Instantaneous packing Center folded film is automatically opened by use of the uniquely designed Molding Board.
  • Dual product is sealable with this unique device which precisely controls the needed length of film for the item to be packed.
  • Labor cost saving All you need to do is to load the product onto the infeed conveyor.
  • Energy and time saving Smooth and high speed operation.
  • Easy adjustment, maintenance and operation.
  • Custom-made versions are also welcome If the standard machines are not suitable due to special packing requirements, we can custom make equipment to your specific needs.
All specifications,design and characteristics shown on this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.


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